Top Dish, Korean Restaurant

1) Complimentary Korean dishes
2) Sweet & Spicy Fried Chicken

McDonalds Singapore, Citrus Thai & Garlic Chili French Fry Seasoning

Breakfast at Antonios, Tagaytay

Roesti: Fresh Corned Beef with Swiss Cheese and Over Easy Eggs

Cru Steakhouse at the Marriott in Newport City Manila is a very fantastic steakhouse especially with the Marriott Preferred Dining Card which entitles you to 50% off if you are two people.


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PF Changs, Manila

Clockwise Top to Bottom: Crispy Green Beans with Spicy Aioli, Fried Spring Rolls and Changs Fried Rice, Crispy Honey Shrimp

Happy hour menu is not bad as dishes like the green beans and spring roll came out to P100. The shrimp was tasty and crispy, it could have had some spice though. We had all fried dishes so we felt the oil after. Overall not bad, but we’ll probably go back once in awhile.

Burger Bar, Manila

Clockwise Top to Bottom: Bleu Cheese Burger, Truffle Parmesean Fries, Spicy Crisp Chicken Sandwich

Burger Bar is a fun place to eat. The burgers are good, would not say the best in Manila though. We do enjoy the truffle fries although they could be fatter like the ones in Blind Pig which we love. Skip the spicy crisp chicken sandwich, its like a zinger just less oily.

It’s a once every few months type of restaurant for us.


Eggs, toast, jam, honeycomb, french press + monocle

What do we like to do? TIMBERRRRRR!!